Lighting Concept – R & D – Design – Production – Illumination – Installation

Lumidium is a laboratory and production facility as well as concept studio focusing on various aspects of illumination, dedicated to innovative development and successful implementation of harmonic illuminations in a micro-, meso- or megascale environment. Lumidium offers innovative illumination concepts and implementation as well as luminaires of unique design and optical effect.

Lumidium will illuminate you perfectly.

design object
lumidium SUSIE Spacecapsule 03
A Space Capsule named SUSIE
lumidium D328eco Cockpit 06
Ready For Take-Off!
lumidium New Solar Wings installation 01
New Solar Wings
lumidium Days of Delay II-illumination026
Days of Delay II
lumidium Future Conference of Light installation 23
Future Conference of Light
lumidium ITrolling Jesus installation 12
Trolling Jesus
Hawking Space Telescope
lumidium_photon-imperial space probe lightning concept 02
Imperial Space Probe
lumidium_church of St. Johannis Illumination 05
Church St. Johannis
lumidium_Balloon Cloud Illumination 01
Balloon Cloud
Control System and Energy Cells
lumidium_photon-dispersion-field lightning concept 09
Photon Dispersion Field Drive
lumidium_Days of Delay 07
Days of Delay
lumidium_Aurora polaris 01
Aurora polaris
lumidium_Viktoria Kaserne Illumination 02
Viktoria Kaserne
lumidium_Polyhedron Experiments lightning concept 09
Polyhedron Experiments
lumidium_Polyhedron Installations lightning concept 05
Polyhedron Installations
lumidium Hexagonalisation Illumination 02
lumidium Hallway Illumination 04
hallway illumination
lumidium Frappant Laser Installation 01
Frappant Laser
lumidium Insectoid Scapes Lepido lightning design 01
Insectoid Scapes
lumidium Alien Device Lightning Concept 10
Alien Device
Gumowski-Mira Attractor
Lumidium Laser Light Effect Medley 01
Laser Light Effect Medley
lumidium Sound Light Dance Illumination 02
Sound, Light & Dance
lumidium Thoughts are free Installation 03
Thoughts are free
lumidium Magical Fibrance Laboratory 08
Magical Fibrance
Helica, Tubus & Talea
Hexamorph II
lumidium Window to the 5th Dimension Installation 08
Window to the 5th Dimension
lumidium_Schmeichel Laser Installation 01
Odd Things Happen While You’re Gone…
lumidium Deus luminogaster Laboratory 05
Deus’ luminogaster
lumidium Soboles lux Installation 01
Soboles lux
lumidium The Vault Installation 00
Gummybears TV-Spot
lumidium Experimental Photonsling Projecting Installation 07
Experimental Photonsling Projecting
lumidium_Days of Delay 2018 10
Days of Delay
lumidium Linear Laserclock Reloaded Installation 01
Linear Laserclock Reloaded
Digilogue Optomechanically
lumidium Laser Clock Preparations Laboratory 01
Laser Clock Preparations
lumidium Augustinum Illumination 03
lumidium GLIESE 581dInstallation 24
lumidium GLIESE 581dInstallation 23
Days of Delay @ Gliese 581d
lumidium Icosahedral Cluster Installation 01
Icosahedral Cluster
lumidium MS STUBNITZ Illumination 01
lumidium MYSTIQUE 100 Illumination 01
lumidium Viktoria Frappant Illumination 01
Viktoria Frappant
lumidium Photonic Blossoms Laboratory 01
Photonic Spyro-Gyro Test 2
lumidium Kaufhaus Held Illumination 01
Kaufhaus Held
Lumidium Kraftwerk Anton Illumination 01
ANTON – An Old Powerstation Illuminated
lumidium Lichtwarkhaus Illumination 01
2020-04-12 22_39_53-ANTON - The Screensaver on Vimeo
ANTON the screensaver
lumidium Anton Kraftwerk Bille illumination 28
ANTON Kraftwerk Bille
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