Laser Clock Preparations

Preparations and tests for the laser clock to be built at “The Art Of Being Many” event. Counting and weighing of the steel orbs (12.000 – 1000 per bowl) and building and testing a pendulum scale with buckets full of bar-bell pieces…

…Further preparations of the various components for the laser clock. The laser is a 445 nm diode laser with active and passive cooling at 700 mW (safety goggles!). The arduino with a power-board to handle the solenoid (linear magnet). The obscure massive aluminium axis holder found in Thomas Ehgartner’s vast treasure storage in the Frappant. Thanks to the help of metalmaster Jan from Lichtsubjekte there was an exact-fitting massive axis and a way to mount this crucial component ontop of the trussing pylon. The rotary element and the two arms of the pendulum scale where hammered otho the axis and the complete element lifted ontop of the trussing pylon in 5,5 m height. Laser testing relealed that the improvised barrier was no obstacle for the laser… it was  instantly replaced by strong cardboard to meet safety requirements.

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